tanggal 31.8

tanggal 31.8

pray for gaza

pray for gaza

welcome gojess!!





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my coll

my coll by cocomeem featuring a black bag

Triumph long line bra L02

Skin color

Size 36c, 38c, 40c, 42c, 44c,46c 48c

Takes within 3 weeks to arrive malaysia.

Rm240 free post

Glutax 75gs nano procell


10 set inside.

Evegenis dumovit 7000 demarcate youth

Packaging : 10 ampoule's / 20 vials Lyophilized powder

Ingredients :

Glutatione 15000mg

Ascorbine Acid 2400mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid 720mg

Embryonic stem cell.

- Produces collagen to enhance the elasticity of skin

- Reduces pigmentation resulted from exposed sunlight

- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles around facial area

- Suppresses the formation of acne/blemish/pimple

- Minimizes facial pores and improves skim complexion

- Helps to prevent scurvy, a vitamin C-deficiency disease

- Increases human’s immune system and promotes antihistamine properties

- Greatly enhance the effect of whitening


This product is administered by intravenously (IV)


Nexgen prowhite


Luchini life cell theraphy (stem cell)

Rm1000 free post all over malaysia

Veniscy egf

Rm300 free post to all over malaysia

Vit c bayer

Rm110 free post to all over malaysia
Suitable for breastfeed mommy

Home service injection ( veniscy only)

interested in Veniscy injection? no place? affordable? with expert? dun have money to buy 1 box ?
ALL U can get here

1 injection include :

1 set of veniscy (powder n composition)
 RM60 complete with jab

Dr will assist 6 or more cust in one place. only in kl uolsss. Tell ur fren now!!!!


L-Carnitine 10x3g /3000mg

L-Carnitine 3g  x 10 ampoules X 5ml (expiry 2017/3 or later) 
using New Technology and almost ” Painless” slimming! Most effective slimming in market, almost 2 X  better than L-carnitene 2g 
L-carnitine is an amino acid synthesized from essential amino acids, tysine and methionline in the kidneys and livers.
It’s main function is to transport ‘long chain fatty acids’ such as glucose, fats, carbohydrates and proteins, especially from the inter membrane space of the carbohydrates and fats storage areas essentially accumulated from the food we eat and converts it into energy.
In the mitochondria is where fats and carbohydrates is being converted into energy via a process called ‘beta oxidation’ with the help of L-Carnitine which is also responsible for improving oxygen utilization and energy production by the heart muscle. Thus, L-Carnitine the transporter of fat is needed as well for the removal of products waste or toxins produced from the mitochondria during energy production, enables them to be eliminated from the body.

1.Weight and Fat Control
* L-Carnitine increases our body metabolic rate and is able to convert fats and carbohydrates from our body into energy, a form of protein cocarboxylase and if unused will be exereted via the urine. For atheletes and sportman, the protein will help to convert fats into muscles mass during activities, therefore L-Carnitine is an essential amino acid for the bodybuilders who wish to have a well built physique naturally.
2.Anti Aging Properties
* L-Carnitine have also shown to have anti-aging properties and regular supplement increases the body immune systems by eliminating toxins from the body, for the production of Phophyrin which is needed to produce red blood cells. In breaking down fats for the production of energy which is also required for the building, repairing and renewal of cell membrane and cellular structures for efficient function of major organs such as heart, lungs, muscles, kidney and liver.
3.Lipids and CHDs (Congestive Heart Diseases)
* L-Carnitine helps to maintain normal level of lipids such as cholesterol and especially triglyserides, dissolves fatty acids accumulated in the coronary arteries therefore reducing risks of Congestive Heart Diseases.
Per Box of 10 ampoules of L-Carnitine 3gm / 5ml
- 1-2 ampoules IV per injection every 2 days for the management of weight control.
- 1-2 ampoules per subcutaneous for the management of fats under the skin.
- 10 ampoules in divided doses over the period of 30 days for anti aging and health management.
The dosing of even 4gm per day have shown to have no side effects and is very safe. Patients may experience some light gastrointestinal disturbances and therefore some food may be taken prior to the commencement of L-Carnitine injection. 
Composition :
☀ L-Carnitene 3000mg
Packaging : 10 amps
Recommended Dosage : IM or IV, 1 amp every 5 days; exercise about 30 minutes everyday for better results

IV, IM or Sub-Q (SubCutaneous) 
Most of Reaction:
Phosphatidylcholine has the ability to alter the cholesterol and other fatty acids. It increase the solubility of fat and its deposits. This PC penetrates skin layer and emulsifies the fat underneath, making them more soluble to water. 
Dosage Recommended:
IV / IM : 2-5 ampoule every week. Those with more than 60kg may increase dosage according to advice from certified practitioner
Sub-Q : Each ampoule divided into few portions for different parts of the body. 
Packing : 10 ampoules x 5ml 
Made In Germany 
for sabah n sarawak add rm10 post for shipping

Ishye Kojico whitening


Add rm10 for post


Glutax 50g

GLUTAX nano titanium 50g 

GLUTAX nano titanium 50g is very effective against signs of aging and great for anyone with a dull complexion, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and sensitive skin. It will help brighten your skin to a radiant glow and leave it smoother and firmer. Glutax 50g is not only good for your skin, it also helps Detox your liver, blood and other major organs as well as help boost your immune system, hormone balance and a myriad of supporting functions.

Ingredients :
Nano Glutathione 50g
L’acido Ascobico 2500mg
Collagen Extract 550mg
Acido Alfa Lipoico 350mg

Vitamin E 450mg
Pro-Vitamin B3 350mg
Pro-Vitamin B5 350mg

Recommended Dosage :
This product is administered by intramuscular (IM) or intravenously (IV).

One set (powder + solvent) injection every week for 1 or 2 months (*depends to your body metabolism). Then can reduce the dosage to 1 injection every 2 weeks for maintain.

Not Suitable For :
- Breast feeder
- Injection on women period
- Allergy to vitamin (any kind)
- Patient with cardiovascular problem

Rm350 free post to all over malaysia

Bakhoor n burner

Am a bakhoor freak!!!!!!
Interested do pm me.

Montale paris

Smells of arabian.
Smells of oriental.
Smells of Mediterranean.
Rm700 for 100ml.

Tom yam paste just arrived!!!!!

Back again on high demand!!!!!!

Haramain madinah

Concentrated perfume oil. Glass bottle with roll-on and screw cap. Comes in a handy pocket sized flip case.
Scent from above!
In the silence of the night as you lie awake with your thoughts, the feeling of inner peace is palpable. The deep satisfaction with the day gone by is comforting, and the hopes you hold for tomorrow seem like rays of the rising sun themselves. Bringing with it the gift of peace and a promise for tomorrow, it is ironic that the illuminating fragrance of Haramain Madinah is a promised gift in itself.
Fragrance Notes:
Madinah has a sweet floral aroma.

Top note: Rose, Geranium, Davana Blossoms, Bergamot, Orange
Middle note: Rose, Jasmine, Orchid, Clove, Saffron, Sandalwood, Cedar wood
Base note: Floral, Musk, Amber, Sandalwood, Cedar wood, Cashmere wood, Fruity
Size: 15 ml

Jammu ratus warisan

Harga Jualan Runcit ialah RM80/ HARGA BUNGA RM70 sekotak yang mengandungi 15 sachet. Terdapat 20 ml dalam setiap sachet. Hanya perlu koyakkan sachet dan terus makan di awal pagi ketika perut kosong.

rasa manis tak Mcm jamu lain. ketat tau.


bubble wrap double layer

rm 3 semeter

no limit order

New bunga emas network logo

Feeling happy with kufi logo. From now on...proudly carry this heritage wherever I go. All effort, patience, love, enthusiasts and soul in it. Tqsm to  byla art. Appreciate it very much incik.